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The Casa Flow Boutique Yoga Studio is situated on the top floor of the historic Borsig Haus in Berlin Mitte. The main space, originally an open layout with an exposed wooden framework, offers a maximum ceiling height of over 6.5 meters at its peak.


The space, previously an office, has been transformed into a yoga studio that accommodates up to 30 yogis and one instructor. The design divides the area into three primary functional zones: the entrance and reception area, the changing and locker area, and the central workout space, each complete with ample storage for all necessary yoga accessories.


Rather than subdividing the existing open area with drywall, all functional requirements were met using a singular element, which we call “the sliced cloud.” This feature, positioned between the reception and the main workout area, facilitates a fluid, curated transition. Upon entering the sliced cloud, yogis can change and store their belongings in dedicated lockers and hangers. As they proceed towards the workout space, they find all necessary accessories for their sessions readily available.


In this project, no drywall was used. All spatial needs were met with this one central piece of furniture. Indirect light entering through the skylights casts varied shadows across each slice, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shade. From certain angles, the sliced cloud resembles a substantial, handcrafted sculpture, solid and imposing. From other perspectives, however, its structure appears light and airy, with gaps between the slices exposing its intricate inner workings.

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