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Our Team is hailing from Asia, Europe and South America. By mid 2020 we became a 100% virtual office. On basis of detailed 3D models we work together over long distance. Our partnership grew over many years and we are proud of our native digital approach.

Design Team (left to right): ALH, FRD, GIP, LIL, MAG, SIP & UJA

ALH - Alex Hegmann
FRD - Francisco Delgado
GIP - Giada Puccinelli
LIL - Linh Le
MAG - Matthias Götz
SIP - Sibylle Pelzer
UJA - Umang Jain


ALH - Alex Hegmann.jpg


"Architecture has always captivated me with its diversity and high impact on our everyday life. My goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future by fulfilling a project’s needs in a way that at the same time creates a positive impact on the environment and improves the user’s life quality and health. I believe that only by taking into account the whole picture from location and climate to design details, we can realize projects of high quality that withstand the future’s challenges."

M. Sc. Architecture BUW, GER
Bayerische Architektenkammer: 190626

Projects: SA50 (senior pos.) & PC239 (senior pos.)

FRD - Francisco Delgado


"It fascinates me to approach other professional areas through architecture. Understanding how they work and what the day-to-day life of other professionals is like is a super interesting way to learn. When you have that passion for knowledge and you manage to learn it from those experiences, you can also contribute with good architectural solutions, the problems are found in opportunity and the end user experience is better. This is my motivation as an Architect."

M.S.Arch. I.U.A.V di Venezia, IT

U.M de Santiago, CL

Architect Chile Rol No. 3-55794

Projects: TTOR103 (senior pos.), BERB36 & SA50

GIP - Giada Puccinelli


"Attention to and love of detail is what guides me on my path and fascinates me every day, making me increasingly curious to seek out balance and proportion in forms.

As an architect and musician, my aim is for aesthetics and space to blend together like a symphony, creating a comfortable and harmonious environment which gives peace of mind."


Architecture Qualification, IT 

Projects: PC239 (senior pos.), SA50, KF38 & TTOR103

LIL - Linh Le


"Seeking new approaches and creating new visions for any complexities with a great consciousness for sustainability and innovation and a great sensibility for atmospheric spaces driven by human experiences are what captivates me the most. 

In addition, I am interested in combining new cross-disciplines, particularly in architecture, biology and digital technologies and exploring the notion of their trinity at various levels, from computational 3D analysis and modelling to physical experimentation and fabrication to ultimately find speculative solutions for a sustainable future."

B.Sc. Arch. TUB, GER

M.Arch. CSM, UK

Projects: VS16 (senior pos.), H8, KF38, BERB36 & TTOR103

MAG - Matthias Götz


“I’ve enjoyed to solve riddles in three-dimensional space since a very young age, the more radical and challenging the better. 

Right from the start of my professional career my concern has been to have a positive impact on the people experiencing our designs and the environment impacted by our constructions.

I feel privileged to have met many clients and partners who are curious to walk this exciting road with me.”

Dipl.-Ing. Arch.TUB, GER

M.Sc. Sustainable Building OXB, UK

Architektenkammer Berlin #14641

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Aragón #006789

Projects: Lead Designer of all MAG.DESIGN Projects

SIP - Sibylle Pelzer


"I always thought of architecture not as one discipline, but as the combination of various. Jointed of its specific parts - the poetical and the technical as well as the bare necessities of our everyday needs, it literally forms the space we live in - which vice versa forms us. Considering the broad range of knowledge and experiences one is able to absorb and gain during the process, it truly is a wonderful challenge to bring those parts together to an ensemble." 

M.Sc.Arch. TUB & PUC, GER & CL
Magister Arch. PUC, CL

Projects: BERB36 (senior pos.) & KF38 (senior pos.)



Growing up in Kota, India, I would often visit and help out on construction sites of my father’s building business after school.

I developed a deep interest for construction details and how they connect in three-dimensional space to a whole building, from the very basic requirements to the structure and aesthetics that give life to that 3D form.

To this day, my favorite part of architecture is to essentially ‘play’ with the 3D models until the final design evolves. Step by step, through the twists and turns, overcoming challenges and traversing the boundaries; I try to grow with my designs.

B. Arch. School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, INDIA

Architect ID_CA/2021/135962

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